Rainbow Space Unicorns

10 Aug

Hey guys!

The class-free-summer months are almost over—classes start next week—and, at the moment, I am faced with monumental chore of packing.

Ugh. Packing.

As a freshman, I used to try to stick everything in some sort of luggage or cardboard box.  Now I just throw everything in a trash bag. Except the pointy things.

Over the last few weeks, a couple of lovely people have given me some of those awards that you pass around to other bloggers. It’s pretty cool of them. I, however, I am not very good at following directions. I normally just thank the person on my “About Blog” page, today, I has idea.

Instead of packing and cleaning and being “responsible”, I figured I’d take a moment to fulfill one of the requests of these awards—list seven facts about myself.

Fact #1

When I was little I used to run on my tippy-toes because it made me feel like a velociraptor.

Fact #2

Also when I was little, I won a Halloween coloring contest at a local Publix. I thought I was going to get a plaque with my name on it, ride in a sports car during a parade, and have the city re-named after me…but I only got a movie—The Black Cauldron. It’s not a particularly great movie, but it was the movie that led me to say ‘munchies and crunchies’ in a high nasally voice whenever I was hungry.

Fact #3

I used to play Neopets with every spare moment of time that I had. I’ve clocked a ridiculous amount of hours on that website, but that website is why I learned how to draw things on Paint.

Fact #4

I’ve recently discovered that I can draw almost anything on MS Paint, as long as that thing can be reduced to some sort of potato shape.

Fact #5

Well… hm. I think I’ve run out of things.

I’ve lived for 21 years. You’d think I’d have plenty to say…

Oh, wait. Here’s a thing:

This is the rare and beautiful mana-potat-ee… yes.
Manatees are highly majestic creatures, which makes them my favorite animal.

Fact #6

Tricksie Hobbitses…

I love potatoes.

Fact #7

That’s the best way to end a blog post, right? With a rainbow space unicorn.


4 Responses to “Rainbow Space Unicorns”

  1. averystrangeplace August 11, 2012 at 5:02 pm #

    If you’re not supposed to end posts with rainbow space unicorns, then I’ve been doing this wrong.

  2. Dominique Vaz August 11, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    When I was little, someone gave me the move The Black Cauldron for my birthday. I remember it being a somewhat awful movie.

  3. ramblingminstrel August 12, 2012 at 8:07 am #

    Now I’ve got the jacket potato song stuck in my head. I wonder whether singing it will improve my husband’s enjoyment of the rhythmic gymnastics…

  4. Kay Rice August 24, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

    Definitely like the space unicorn!

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