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How Not to Stay Focused When Writing an Essay

1 Apr

I have a Senior Thesis due in two weeks for my Economics major… so I drew a picture of this giraffe.

This is my giraffe. He has laser beam eyes.

My paper is about the Massachusetts Health Care reform and writing this thing is so… Incredibly. Dull. But you know what’s not dull??

This is a picture I drew of a polar bear cookie that I got from Starbucks… a couple of months ago.

This was the most delicious cookie I've ever had...

For me, writing long research essays happens in stages… and it’s the same thing every time.

Stage 1: Google the topic

Stage 2: Watch some of Olan Roger’svideos

Stage 3: Print out articles

Stage 5: Surf Pinterest indefinitely

Stage 6: Underline things in the articles

Stage 7: Pretend the assignment does not exist. Surf Pinterest indefinitely.

Stage 8: Solitaire

Stage 9: Make a new Pandora station

Stage 10: Begin Rough Draft

Stage 11: Make Coffee

Stage 12: Made too much coffee… can’t let it all go to waste. Use Pinterest to find a recipe to use rest of coffee.

Stage 13: Cooking is hard work. Relax and play Overlord II.

Overlord II is awesomeness wrapped in awesome. It's like Lord of the Rings.. but from Sauron's point of view. sort of.

Stage 14: Continue Rough Draft

Stage 15: Doodle things on Paint

This is probably a cowboy. I imagine he's the type of guy who rides a giraffe off into the sunset.

Stage 16: Finish Draft

Stage 17: Sleep.

Stage 18: Edit paper.

Stage 19: Stare at wall.

Stage 20: Turn something in.

Guess what time it is?? Time to play some Overlord. 😀

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