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I Have a Cold and, thus, Must Be Dieing

25 Jun

Sometimes my dad walks into the living room and asks,

“Why are you sitting upside down?”

To which I answer,

“Because sitting up is too mainstream.”


From this position, every ‘No I’m not going to the store to get you chocolate’ looks like a ‘Yes’. Unfortunatly, it’s soon met with dissapointment.


“And I’m sick.”


Since my dad clearly doesn’t get it, I have to spell it out.

“I’m sitting upside down because I am a diseased hipster.”

I’m not sure if he understands it, even now, because he walks away, shaking his head and saying, “…the things you pick up in college…”.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for him to understand, especially since he is the one who passed this strain of disease along.

Sitting upside down is fun in general, BUT it is even more fun when you are sick. For example, when I’m sick and demand, “Get me coffee and chocolate, parental units!”, I get to watch them ignore meĀ upside down– which is so much better than watching them ignore my demands when they’re right side up.

Anyway, I’m 80% sure this is just a bad cold… the other 20% is the margin of error, just in case this is some weird science-y disease that’ll turn me into a zombie. So if I turn into a zombie, I’ll blog about it by Friday. ALSO, if I get better, I’ll be posting something on Friday anyway.

Also, I recently found a song by Family Force 5, and it is awesome. I may end up becoming a zombie by sheer force of will.

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